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Poster: moxey Date: Aug 29, 2004 9:45am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: an outsider looks at the USA

first off i did not mean to insult cashel or his country men in particular.i know the aussies are with us{at least thier prime minister and a portion of thier population}.as is the case with my own apologies if i was misunderstood.i dont mean to insult see i lost a childhood friend in the trade nieghbor who lives two doors down lost his wife{who was pregnant with thier third child}.i am involved personally in this loss.what really angers me is when people accuse my countrymen or the president of being complicite somehow in the mess the world is in.did anyone accuse roosevelt of wrong doing when the japanese attacked? futher more i get disgusted when i hear the iraq war is wrong or illegal.they say iraq had nothing to do with september 11.well....did the germans have anything to do with pearl harbor?maybe our war with them was wrong and illegal too.maybe i should become a socialist like al gore or kerry...not worry about subhuman terrorists who will kill my children and become more sensitive about global warming and evil corporations.. after all the real terrorist resides in the white house...right.yes i will be voting for bush.he kills terrorists...when global warming flys planes into buildings or evil corporations saw the heads off our bet!!!my first phone call will be to wacky al gore and howard dean and ralph{the commie}nader and john{lurch}kerry and......
again no disrespect is meant to anyone on this forum.

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Poster: mbrlr Date: Oct 30, 2004 3:39pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: an outsider looks at the USA

I believe Hitler quite obligingly declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor; we might otherwise have run into problems declaring war on the Germans had they not done so.

Iraq seems to have had not one single thing to do with 9/11 and yet the United States, our country, invaded and deposed its leader. He was a reprehensible fellow, no doubt, but we used misstatements and half-truths to justify the invasion. Oh, and what about OBL, the fellow that actually masterminded the deaths of 3000 Americans? Oh, nevermind him...but we'll come back to that.

We have few real allies in Iraq. Those we have we've hurt. Is Tony Blair in good shape these days? Rather than showing wisdom and at least a modicum of humility towards our allies and the rest of the world, we've shown pride and a haughty spirit. Remember the bit about destruction and a fall? This explains why we've gone from a position where the entire world was one with us after 9/11 and now is disgusted by us. ...and because the administration was so hot and bothered to invade Iraq, we let OBL get away so he could make pre-election videos. The best argument I've read lately (and I can't recall which columnist, unfortunately) was essentially that we should impeach our current judicially installed warmonger by voting him out of office and attempt to bring some sanity back to Washington. Will we still have to fight on in Iraq and try to bring some level of stability there? Sure, but at least we'd have someone in office who doesn't see himself or the United States as God's chosen one. Hubris is destructive both personally and on a national/international level.

Throw the bums out come next Tuesday.